What is content marketing?

What is content marketing?

Have you ever heard of content marketing? Many of us use this technology in social networks and media resources without realizing it. Recently, this trend has become popular on the Internet and has not escaped the attention of experts and analysts.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is marketing activities that contribute to the creation and dissemination of useful, valuable information for the target audience, the purpose of which is to attract the attention of users, gain trust and encourage action: a call, a survey, etc. In other words, the company, instead of advertising a product (product, service), prepares such an information bomb for its potential buyer that by the time the product is released, it already has a huge army of buyers who, after the release, will very much want to have this product. , first and possibly. It is based on the idea that if the client knows more about the product, that is, what problem he solves, and how to use it, he will trust us and pay at least gratitude and attention, and if the product is really needed, he will buy it.

  • Purpose of content
  • Inform users about the situation, events, and news in this area
  • Present the problems in this market segment and the results of their solution
  • Describe how your company’s products help solve the above problems
  • Provide comparisons between your product/service and other products on the market; show that your product is the best or has a number of advantages.

    What was content marketing “created” for?

It is noteworthy that people do not need a standard presentation of goods, services, and standard comparisons, but real and comprehensive information about the benefits and features that they will trust and on the basis of which they will make their own purchase decisions. This artificial scheme of “squeezing” keywords into the pages of the site and creating mass links for search engine promotion does not work. Search engines have become smarter and are already “distinguishing” gross SEO tricks, the purpose of which is not to provide users with real and useful information, but to manipulate search results. Advertising is now considered an outdated tool that does not work the way it used to. It is so abundant and ubiquitous that people are used to the “noise” and are able to ignore it.

The main weapon of content marketing is valuable information. The first and most important problem that needs to be solved is filling the site with useful content that needs to be constantly updated.

Once you have chosen the path of content marketing, there is no turning back. Content can be in different formats:

  • Articles
  • News
  • Photo
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • Webinars
  • Interview
  • Thematic analysis
  • Social polls
  • Audio recordings

The second step is to carefully choose suitable platforms for posting information and think carefully about how it will be disseminated. We highlight the following ways to distribute content:

Maintaining a personal blog
Maintaining the company page and your own thematic groups on social networks, using other groups to spread your information,
Other thematic sites

E-mail mail marketing. email topics periodic emails to subscribers

  • Availability in search engines – ensuring high positions of the site in search results.
    Constantly update the site with useful information. post articles on the corporate blog, go to the social. networks and are aimed at increasing brand awareness and strengthening the loyalty of the target audience to your company. Write down the results. see which channels your visitors most often come from, and refine and optimize your content marketing strategy based on the results.

Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Brand promotion requires less budget than traditional advertising media
  • By increasing the posted materials, search traffic on the site increases, because content marketing involves the constant addition of site materials, so the number of redirected requests and links to the site increases.
  • Improve positions in search engines. they like “natural” links
  • The reputation of your company’s brand is strengthened. Creating quality content makes you an expert in the eyes of your customers
  • Content marketing is natural.

You are not manipulating search engines to get high rankings. Therefore, in the long run, this is exactly what search engines will demand, thanks to their more advanced algorithms. Content marketing builds trust, and credibility, which in turn breaks down customer resistance. Valuable information is a description of the benefits that the buyer will receive from this product or service.

Content wins online. It’s not that people are looking for information that content marketing provides that can solve their problems. Because content marketing works.

Content marketing is most effective when the average person receives dozens, or hundreds of advertising “messages” per day, to which he cannot devote so much in belt and strength. Content marketing forces people to stop, read or watch, get information for analysis, and then make a purchase decision.

Advertising in its accepted sense is a living, why not, “aggressive message” without two-way communication with the user. Advertising forces, not tell. When it comes to content marketing, its first goal is to build trust with the client. For people to know about your company and trust you enough to do business with your company or choose your product or service.

All over the world, content marketing is used by transnational giants, small and medium-sized companies, and even individual entrepreneurs. The only reason they do this is that content marketing works. If you are interested in content marketing, this new branch of marketing evolution, we can help you develop an effective business strategy to attract new customers. Hurry, because very soon it will be possible to say that if you are not doing content marketing, then you are not doing online marketing at all.