What or who is PERSONA?

What or who is PERSONA?

What is Persona?

PERSONA is a collective image. It is a fictional user created on the basis of research, who is a potential consumer of our product or service. Before starting any work, first of all, it is necessary to understand for whom it is intended, who will use it, for what reason, under what circumstances, etc.

Preparing personas will help us determine the types of potential users, understand their needs, experience, and behavior, also get out of the subjective bubble and understand their goals and expectations.

They will guide our thinking and help us create good user experiences for our target user groups.

Persona exists both in UX/UI and in Sales. User Persona and Buyer Persona are the target group of customers who will use the website or application we have created. You may need to create 3 or more personas to create one website.

A buyer persona is used to develop the right marketing campaign, activate the right targeted advertising in social media, etc.

10 steps to making personas

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Persona Descriptions
  • Problem scenario analysis and idea generation
  • Coordination with the company and involvement of the design team
  1. Collect data

    Collect as much information as possible about users. Conduct qualitative research on your target user group. In design thinking, the research phase is the first phase, also known as the Empathize phase.

  2. Form hypotheses

    Analyze prior research, look for patterns, similarities, and differences, and develop insights into user types. To formulate them, you can use Empathy Map or Affinity Diagrams tools for this purpose.

  3. Confirm or reject the hypotheses

    Study the proposed hypotheses about user differences, compare them with each other, and check their credibility.

  4. Determine the quantity

    You have to decide how many personas to make. You may find it appropriate to have one persona for each service, but it is recommended to have one or more personas to focus on.

  5. Describe the personas

    The purpose of working with personas is to develop solutions, products, and services based on the needs and goals of your users. Create a description of the personas in such a way that it contains enough information and description of feelings to empathize with the users.
    – Include details about education, lifestyle, interests, values, goals, needs, limitations, desires, attitudes, and behaviors.
    – Add some fictional personal details to make the persona look realistic.
    – Give a name to each person.
    – Describe each character on pages 1-2.

  6. Describe situations

    Write scenarios describing the problem the personas want or need to solve and the situations they find themselves in. This will make the behavior of the persona more vivid.

  7. Agree

    It is important that company management and your team members agree on the definition and description of personas. To that end, submit the personas you’ve developed for approval and/or involve as many people as possible in the process.

  8. Spread it

    In order for the study obtained in the form of Personas to be quickly used by company personnel, it is necessary to provide a complete description to those who did not directly participate in the process of its creation. Along with the persona, the research behind it should also be disseminated.

  9. Explore in action

    Personas become valuable when the situations described in them come true.

  10. Make adjustments

    Review descriptions regularly. New information or new circumstances may affect the descriptions. Sometimes you will need to rewrite descriptions of existing personas, add new personas, or discard old ones.