How to use ChatGPT in digital marketing?

How to use ChatGPT in digital marketing?

The topic of everyone’s discussion in recent months is none other than ChatGPT. In just a few months, the smart bot became the subject of thousands of articles, broke all records for lightning audience growth, managed to cause a serious stir at Google, and took away from Bill Gates the title of the most important innovation of the 21st century.

Amidst this news, entrepreneurs and consumers are wondering how the innovative development of Open AI can change marketing strategy and customer experience.

BeeBrand staff also tried to find out what tasks ChatGPT can perform in the field of marketing, studied examples of successful surveys, and tried to understand whether the neural network will leave marketers without work.

Features of ChatGPT

Content creation. Marketers can use Chat GPT as a content generation automation tool. Neuronet expertly writes articles and posts on a wide variety of topics. True, he writes articles only at the level of novice authors. But it is also possible to fix it. It will give you the base text, which you only need to edit and tighten a little.


In addition, ChatGPT can automatically create posts based on ready-made templates, give advice on how to make them more attractive, and rewrite texts to increase their uniqueness. With access to a huge amount of data, the bot is able to frequently update product descriptions in online stores, giving marketers more free time for creative work.

ChatGPT will most likely be used primarily in creating promotional posts and texts for social networks. But it is not necessary to overdo it. The thing is, using AI-generated content is against Google’s policy. Therefore, in the case of frequent use of smart bot texts, you run the risk of a drop in the position of your site in search engines.

Advertising and SEO. A less obvious but useful feature of ChatGPT is that it helps to select keywords for contextual advertising in search engines or social networks. Yes, Google Ads has its own keyword search tool, but AI will help expand the list and offer options that you would never have thought of on your own, but that work.

ChatGPT is able to generate meta descriptions and titles for SEO optimization. A neural network can find words, sort by query type, distribute by cluster, etc.

Market analysis. ChatGPT can perform market analysis and compile, for example, a list of key competitors. Neuronet can compile a list of journalists who write about a topic of interest to you. Or the list of investors who are investing in the sector you are interested in.

Customer service. Very often we witness a situation where the company does not have enough resources and does not respond to customer comments or emails in a timely manner. AI-based chatbots will fill that gap. They can answer questions, take orders, and even have pleasant conversations.

The bot will be able to answer questions 24/7 and in different languages and will be able to remember the individual characteristics of users, which will further increase the quality of service. With machine learning, companies can teach ChatGPT to understand each customer even better.

Automation of standard tasks. According to research from HubSpot, marketers spend nearly a third of their workday on standard tasks: building lists, writing the same type of emails and collecting and organizing marketing data. Below we will show how Chat GPT can make this work easier.

Examples of real-world use of ChatGPT in marketing

Content creation

Generate content ideas. If you ask basic questions, you get simple answers.


As you can see, this all seems a bit vague, so you need to ask more detailed questions. The second result was more interesting.



Creating an article structure on a specific topic

One of the first things you should do to write an article is to develop its structure. The comprehensibility and success of the article depend on it. People usually screw up the whole thing at this stage. And thanks to ChatGpt, you can generate the most optimal structure of any article. It is only necessary to formulate the question correctly. For example, “write an article structure about different types of electric heaters.”


And if you try to explain each of these points in more detail to the program, you will get a rather voluminous material with 10-15 thousand characters. We already have a similar article on our site, and as you can see, its structure is almost the same as the version that ChatGPT created in 5 seconds.

Look for facts and statistics to enrich your content with facts and sources

“Create a list of 10 key facts, statistics, and trends related to the ‘topic’, including their sources.”


Rewriting stuff and changing the syntax

A neural network can make content funnier or more formal in seconds. Can add or remove professional slang, and insert necessary phrases into the text.

“Rewrite this text within 300 characters and make it funnier.”

And this list can be continued endlessly.

Will ChatGPT replace marketers?

The main advantage of using ChatGPT is saving time. Now you no longer have to endlessly google and explore hundreds of pages to find the right information. And it will take the bot no more than 10 seconds to prepare a short essay on the chosen topic. The main problem is to formulate the question correctly.

As you already understood, artificial intelligence is good at searching for information. In the case of texts, the situation is a little worse. In some cases, their quality may be sufficient. But the result often lacks emotion, internal logic, and understanding of context. At the same time, it will take you much less time to finalize the text than it would take to write the material from scratch.

Thus, ChatGPT has undeniable potential in the field of marketing. A bot can create content, generate ideas, and take over standard and manual work. And people managed to appreciate it. In a survey conducted in the US, 37% of marketing and advertising workers indicated that they already use ChatGPT and other AI-based tools in their work.

In its current form, however, ChatGPT probably isn’t capable of replacing humans just yet. Sometimes he writes plausible but incorrect or meaningless answers. There have been cases where the bot has even invented non-existent events or people.

Therefore, all his answers should be carefully checked for safety. But even in this form, the neural network is already able to optimize people’s work. The future of the marketing chatbot is in speeding up and automating tasks but under human control.

HR expert George Bersin accurately expressed the fears that artificial intelligence will replace humans over time. He says that such modern systems will not take away our work and will not replace us. On the contrary, they allow us to be more human.

If we do not use these tools, we perform the function of machines and give mechanical tasks to artificial intelligence, freeing up time for creative work and solving non-standard problems. And the sooner we can adapt, the sooner we will understand that neural networks are not competitors, but helpers.

By the way, one important addition. Before you blindly trust ChatGpt, keep in mind that the freshness of the data embedded in it is limited to 2021. In other words, the bot is simply unable to provide information about events, cases, faces, and trends that took place after March 2021.