Business plan

We will help you draw up a business plan, a clear sequence of steps, short-term goals, which will help you organize business activities more systematically and logically.

Business strategy

At the heart of business management is the definition of strategy. its adaptation to the characteristics of the organization and its implementation. The organization's strategy is a complex management plan, which should strengthen the organization's position in the market and ensure the coordination of efforts, the involvement and satisfaction of consumers, successful competition and the achievement of global goals. The process of developing a strategy is based on a thorough study of all possible directions of development and activity and is summarized by the choice of general direction, markets to be mastered, methods of competition, resources to be involved and business models. In other words, strategy means the choice of ways of development of the organization, markets, methods of competition and conduct of business. Trust your business strategy to us and the result will be obvious in a short time.

Social media audit

A business's sales, even its reputation, can suffer because of a poorly written social media post or even a single word or picture. We will conduct an audit of social networks, we will find out all the mistakes and shortcomings, we will make a new strategy that will ensure competent promotion of your business in social networks.

Linkedin strategy

To find a dream job or a highly qualified employee, Linkedin is one of the most suitable platforms today. This social network has a number of features and a specially developed algorithm, if you master them, you will be able to manage your page correctly and more effectively. We will help you create a Linkedin strategy, thanks to which you will be able to attract the attention of both employers, clients and potential partners.

Financial analysis

We provide financial analysis services that include: Financial Statement analysis . Balance Sheet . Income Statement . Cash Flow Statement • Cost structure analysis Budgeting• Business valuation (CAPM, WACC, Arbitrage, Regression) • Forecasting and giving future view for finance (1-3years) • Investment analysis (NVP, IRR) • Stock & Bond market

Business development .

Business plan and business strategy are essential services for business development. We will study the business, understand the target audience, expansion prospects, conduct an audit on social networks, write a business plan and develop a strategy for further business development. Services are provided both as a package and separately.

Business  development

Branding Business development